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Created October 4, 2016 16:10
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React Native on macOS Sierra

React Native Trouble

Updating to macOS Sierra is causing trouble with React Native due to some of the Node.js and system utilities it uses. Specifically the watch utility fails due to a limit on the number of files which can be opened at a time.

The following command shows the current limit.

launchctl limit maxfiles

It may show 256 as the lower limit. The following command will change the limits.

sudo launchctl limit maxfiles 2048 unlimited

Next you also want to uninstall react-native and reinstall it so you get a version which works better with Sierra. You also want to update Homebrew and install the current version of watchman.

npm uninstall -g react-native-cli
npm install -g react-native-cli
brew update
brew install watchman

Now try building and running your React Native project on macOS Sierra.

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Sweet! This helped get me about half way there. Thanks!

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This is so helpful! Thanks!

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I scratched my head for few hours with this issue. Thanks Brennan!! Your snippets just saved the day.

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I love you.

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~/AwesomeProject/node_modules/react-native/packager ~
It stops here

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mslipper commented Feb 4, 2017

Many thanks for this!

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Thanks for this great info. It saved my day :)

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thanks ....dude you are awesome

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hnq90 commented May 24, 2017


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Thanks. My system starts to throw a npm error overnight, and this solved it!

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It solved the issue. New Mac and upgraded to Sierra. This solved the issue perfectly. Thanks!

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Thank you very much, this really helped! 👍

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KDamir commented Oct 17, 2017

Thx, it works!

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showarm commented Oct 26, 2017


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