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A list of potential systems I could implement on Beeminder if I work out the current problems they have/if they're worth it.
  • /3Things: Tracking the three most important/interesting things that happened during the day. I think this would be better in my bullet journal. Will be manual.
  • /WordCount: Tracking the amount of words I write per day. Will either be manual or via Draftin? I don't use Draftin which is why this system failed in the past, maybe if I just manually enter it'd be easier.
  • /Books or PagesRead: Tracking the amount of books I read. Didn't work out before because I don't read enough :( Will be manual.
  • /Duolingo or French: Tracking the amount of XP I gain using Duolingo. didn't work because it's pretty exhausting to use for little actual language learning. I think I need better resources.
  • /Runkeeper or Outside/Walking: Tracking the amount of distance or time I am outside walking. Might be easier to record manually.
  • /Meetups or Networking: Tracking the events that I attend. This is actually a good idea, I just need to get out more. Will be manual. (Wouldn't a MeetUp API connection be cool though?)
  • /Spending: Tracking the amount of money I spend per day, and on what. Only downside is that it's a lot of info to track, but would be really helpful. And it wouldn't be a lot of info if I just spend no money! Will be manual.
  • /SleepSchedule: Tracking the amount of sleep I get, as well as wake-up and sleep time. I need a fitness watch to automate this or something.
  • /Weight: Tracking my weight. No real need since I've maintained for months and don't know how to lose, lol.
  • /Workout: Tracking work outs I do. I need to do research into this.
  • /FoodLog: Tracking the meals I consume. A good idea, but a lot of work.
  • /AnalogTime: Tracking the amount of time I'm away from electronics. A good idea, but rather nebulous in practicality. Ideally no electronics before or after 9, though.
  • /NewMedia: Tracking new media (movies, albums, podcasts, etc.) that I find and find interesting. Would be better for a bujo spread, I think.
  • /KeepingTouch: Tracking the amount of time I keep in touch with family and friends. Again, a good idea but difficult to pinpoint concrete datapoints, I think.
  • /Recipes or Cooking or MealPlanning: Tracking new recipes that I find or create. Seems like more work than it's worth.
  • /Monthly or YearlyReview: Tracking my monthly and yearly reviews, which would be expanding upon my already existing daily and weekly reviews. Not sure what info would be in these that would be useful, but I'm sure there's something.
  • /Podcast or YouTube: Tracking the amount of episodes(?) I put out. This is a total backburner idea and nowhere close to being started, but maybe something with Anchor?
  • /Sobriety: Tracking when I'm sober. I rarely drink so not really needed. But would be good for tracking being clean and whole in general
  • /Veganism: Tracking when I eat entirely plant-based. Don't know how to construct meaningful data points other than binary "yes (1)" or "no (0)".
  • /Prayer or Meditation: Tracking when I meditate. Seems both nebulous and counterintuitive to the point of the practice.
  • /OpenSourceProjects: Tracking when I contribute to other people's open source projects. Could be useful, but I need to become competent enough to start.
  • /Prose: Tracking my writing outside of my poetry and my main blog. Don't have anything else going on right now, though.
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