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Welcome to Drift!

Drift is an always-already versioned, cloud-backed text editor. You can use it to take notes, and save them in the GitHub cloud.

Your gists are always saved locally, and any changes you make will get pushed to GitHub's servers.

To name a gist, touch its name in the toolbar.

You can use the share button at the top-right to copy a link to one of your gists, or view it on the web in Safari.

You can navigate between your gists, sign in as someone else, or search for other github users' gists with the Gists button at the top left.

When you're viewing someone else's gist, you can fork it to edit as one of your own, and your friends can see when you've forked their gists.

Try it out!


Drift is in Permanent Maintenance since 2011

(Permanent Maintenance is Devin Chalmers & Greg Borenstein)

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