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Making a Theme Beaver Builder Friendly
// I add a simple function to my functions.php that lets me do clean page-builder checks inside my template files.
// This is safe to include regardless of if bb-plugin is active or not. Won't trigger error.
function is_builder_layout() {
if (class_exists( 'FLBuilderModel' ) && FLBuilderModel::is_builder_enabled()) return true;
return false;
// Inside page.php I use is_builder_layout() to determine layout
if (is_builder_layout()) {
// big wide open edge-to-edge space for builder to use. Gives user the most options.
} else {
// default page layout, two column w/ sidebar maybe?
// CSS - You may need to release the max-width styling on your main container element when using a builder layout.
// Beaver builder kindly includes .fl-builder on the body element whenever a page is displaying a layout.
.fl-builder main {
max-width: none;
// If you're using bootstrap, you have to be a little more specific about targeting the .container element inside just the content area of your template.
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