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%prog some.fasta wanted-list.txt
from Bio import SeqIO
import sys
wanted = [line.strip() for line in open(sys.argv[2])]
seqiter = SeqIO.parse(open(sys.argv[1]), 'fasta')
SeqIO.write((seq for seq in seqiter if in wanted), sys.stdout, "fasta")

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@chahatupreti chahatupreti commented Nov 9, 2014

where is the file being taken as input?


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@johnbkirkpatrick johnbkirkpatrick commented Apr 22, 2016

It takes two input files. The initial comment line addresses that question:
%prog some.fasta wanted-list.txt

For example when I ran this, I typed:
python my_big_file.fasta just_the_names_I_need.txt

Also, I changed sys.stdout in line 9 to 'output.txt' so it would save to file rather than printing to screen.


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@Createanaccountplease Createanaccountplease commented Dec 7, 2017

I tried changing the sys.stout to an output file name with no luck instead receiving the error that the file name was undefined, is there any possible way to fix this?
Yet if I leave as sys.stdout I am not receiving an output.

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