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CircuitPython in 2019

Wishlist for 2019:

  • Continued networking support:
    • 2018 brought support for LoRaWAN, BLE, and the beginnings of ESP-coprocessor support for WiFi.
    • Also linux devices (like the Raspberry Pi) can now be programmed in CircuitPython and communicate with Adafruit IO.
  • Async
    • Much like a few of these recaps, I'd like to see support (or the beginnings of supporting) asynchronous programing in CircuitPython.
  • Low-Power Modes
    • DeepSleep for ESP-based devices (@danh had this as well on his list).
  • Simplified Release Page
    • With the additions of new CircuitPython boards on what seems like a weekly basis (which is fantastic), the release page is getting long. Adding language support for each build has made it longer as well. Something similar to NODEMCU-Build would simplify the question of "which version/board do I install". It'd also show what's currently offered!

-- Brent Rubell, @brentru on GitHub, @brentr on Discord.

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