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//: Playground - noun: a place where people can play
import Cocoa
var str = "Hello, playground"
protocol Message: class {
var uniqueID: String {get}
class LocalMessage: Message {
let uniqueID = NSUUID().UUIDString
var messages = [Message]()
let oneMessage = LocalMessage()
let secondMessage = LocalMessage()
messages += [oneMessage, secondMessage] as [Message] // The cast seems superfluous, but I can live with it.
// Scenario:
// A Message is updated via data from the web.
// I want to redisplay the corresponding row in a table view.
// To do so, I need the index of that row.
// I get the index of the row by getting the index of that Message in an array of Message.
// I don't actually care if the comparison uses pointer equality or ==. For my case it amounts to the same thing.
// These all fail to compile:
//let indexOfMessage = messages.indexOf(oneMessage) //cannot convert value of type 'LocalMessage' to expected argument type '@noescape (Message) throws -> Bool'
//let indexOfMessage = messages.indexOf(oneMessage as Message) //cannot convert value of type 'Message' to expected argument type '@noescape (Message) throws -> Bool'
//let indexOfMessage = (messages as NSArray).indexOfObjectIdenticalTo(oneMessage) //'[Message]' is not convertible to 'NSArray'
// I can make it work this way, using pointer equality (which is fine).
// Is there a better way to solve this problem, with performance that is not worse?
// (For instance, filter wouldn’t stop when it found the Message, but the for-loop does stop upon finding it.)
var indexOfMessage = 0
var found = false
for oneMessage in messages {
if oneMessage === oneMessage {
found = true
if found {
// Update — the answer comes via Twitter:
let indexOfMessage = messages.indexOf { $0 === oneMessage }

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bcapps commented May 23, 2016

let index = messages.indexOf { message in
  return message === oneMessage

This seems to work fine.


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sixten commented May 23, 2016

As an aside, if you need to loop over a sequence and also know the indices, enumerate() can help.

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