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Audax Health is looking for good software engineers
object AudaxHealthSoftwareEngineer {
val headline = """
Audax Health is hiring! Come join our incredible team of engineers in Washington, DC or San Francisco,
to help build the first truly social health platform, We've embraced Scala and the
Lift web framework for most of our software, so if you have experience in or want to learn Scala,
we're looking for you!
val requirementsDescription = """We don't have a firm list of requirements, we're just looking for
great all around software engineers, but here is a list of things that we would like to see:"""
val requirements =
List("Professional experience with Scala, Java, C#, or C++",
"Familiarity with at least one NoSQL database",
"At least 3 years of total professional software development experience",
"Experience in or a strong desire to learn Scala"
"Strong experience in more than one language (polyglot programmers we're looking for you!)")
val niceToHavesDescription = "And here is a list of things that would be awesome to see:"
val niceToHaves =
List("Professional experience with Javascript and jQuery",
"Experience with a web framework (Lift, Rails, Django, Zend, Play, etc.)",
"Experience with MongoDB",
"Professional experience with HTML and CSS",
"Professional experience working on a high volume consumer facing web application")
case class Location(address: String, description: String)
val locations = List(
"3000 K St. NW, Washington, DC, 20007",
"""This is our headquarters and primary development location. You'd be joining a team of some of
the smartest and most talented software developers in the area. Our office is in an awesome location
along the river in Georgetown, and we've got great amenities here like free catered lunch 4 days a
"599 3rd St., San Francisco, CA, 94107",
"""We recently opened our San Francisco office and are looking to fill it with good developers.
We currently have some designers working here but you'd be the first developer. We really want to build
up a full San Francisco development team so this would be a unique opportunity for you to start a
team. You'll be interacting with the team in DC every day, so you won't be on your own, but it will
require a bit more of a proven record of independence and leadership than what we need for our
developers in DC."""
val workEnvironment = """We've got a relaxed, fun start-up work environment. Catered lunch 4 days
a week, unlimited vacation, ping pong, foosball, beer in the fridge, stock options, etc. But unlike
many startups, you won't be working 80 hour weeks. Our biggest strength is the incredibly talented
and smart team that we've assembled, you'll be working with some of the best and brighest developers,
designers, devops, product managers, and executives in the area."""
val corporateSiteUrl = ""
val companyPress = "Business Insider published an article about us and our 23 year old CEO"
val companyPressUrl = ""
val businessDeal = "We recently signed a 5 year deal with Cigna"
val businessDealUrl = ""
val videoDescription = "Check out this video to see what life is like in the office"
val videoUrl = ""
def contact(yourEmail: String, yourLinkedInPage: String, yourTwitterHandle: String) {
val description = """If you think you'd be a good fit for our team, reach out to Brent Sowers, I'd
love to hear from you."""
Emailer.sendEmail(from = yourEmail, to = "")
LinkedIn.connect(from = yourLinkedInPage, to = "")
TwitterAPI.sendMessage(from = yourTwitterHandle, to = "sowersb")
val otherJobsWeAreHiringFor =
List("User Interface Engineer (",
"Software Engineer in Test (",
"Systems Engineer - Web Operations (",
"Senior Mobile Engineer (")
val aboutMe = """About me - I'm a software engineer who's been working at Audax for a year. So I
know what working at Audax is like. If you have any questions at all about what the company is like,
what the work is like, etc, feel free to ask me, I'll be brutally honest. Since I'd be working
with you, if I don't feel like you'd be a good fit or the job isn't what you're looking for, I'll let
you know up front, I don't want to waste your time. We're very selective in our hiring process to
ensure that we only hire the best engineers."""
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