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React.js Conf Contest

React.js Conf tickets, everyone wants them but we only have space for 400 people, and that includes speakers, organizers and everyone’s proud parents and grandparents! If you are into speaking and have time before December 13th, you should submit a 30 minute talk or 5 minute lightning talk proposal. If you’re more into writing than speaking or coding, ReactJSNews is giving away 1 ticket for the best blog post submission. But you probably like programming, so React Native Newsletter & Exponent are giving away two tickets for the best React Native apps made with Exponent! Of course, if you like speaking, writing and programming you should do all of the above.

Details of the contest

  • You make an “app” and publish it to Exponent. You don’t have to open source it, but people need to be able to view it in Exponent. You increase your odds of getting more votes if it works well on both iOS and Android. In Exponent we don’t allow users to add custom native code, so this is a good chance to flex your JavaScript skills!
  • You submit the URL of your app by email to or on Twitter by tweeting at @notbrent. This doesn’t mean you have to stop working on it, you can continue to ship new updates as you please!
  • There are four prizes to be won:
    • (2) React.js Conf 2016 tickets (this does not include flight or accommodations)
    • (1) A signed portrait of a React.js team member holding a signed portrait of @vjeux from our last contest. This is a one of a kind React.js recursive photo!
    • (1) Exclusive super-awesome hoodie with the Exponent logo, currently only owned by the Exponent team and VIPs.
  • The app with the most unique users wins the Exponent hoodie, all other prizes are distributed based on public voting.
  • Everyone gets their app linked to in the newsletter.

Important dates

How to get started

Some ideas for apps you can make

Check out the entries

Open up Exponent and go to exp:// to see the entries and vote!

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