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Demonstrate a failure to reconnect to a MongoDB replicaset when it loses a primary
// Run `npm i mongo` and run this test program after filling in the variables
// below. Run it against a replicaset with a sharded collection, with your
// MongoS process running on the same host as the script.
// You should // see start and finish messages from fxCountWithLog.
// Now do an rs.stepDown() on the replicaset primary. You should see an error
// message and the script should continue. So that's fine.
// Wait until the Replicaset settles down. Now on the new
// replicaset primary, do:
// > sudo ifconfig eth0 down
// ... or kill the network on the primary in some similarly brutal way.
// Now you should see that the test script hangs indefinitely rather than
// err'ing out, even though the replicaset elects a new primary and MongoS
// fails over just fine. With some experimentation, it seems that you can
// get one or more bad connections in the pool. and they will just never
// recover until the process is killed or they are killed programmatically.
// Note that the stepDown is not necessary to the repro, it is just meant to
// illustrate that in that case, everyting behaves properly.
var port = "YOUR LOCAL MONGOS"
var db = "YOUR DB NAME";
var shardedCollection = "YOUR SHARDED COLLECTION NAME";
var MongoClient = require('mongodb').MongoClient;
var assert = require('assert');
var host = "localhost";
var conn = "mongodb://" + host + ":" + port + "/" + db;
MongoClient.connect(conn, function(err, db) {
assert.equal(null, err);
assert.ok(db != null);
var counter = 0;
var fxCountWithLog = function() {
var i = ++counter;
console.log("start", i);
db.collection(shardedCollection).count(function(err, count) {
console.log("finish", i, err, count);
setTimeout(fxCountWithLog, 1000);
var counter2 = 0;
var fxCount = function() {
var i = ++counter2;
db.collection('applications').count(function(err, count) {
if (err) console.log("count error", i, err, count);
setTimeout(fxCount, 1);
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