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Dashboard tools for Lightning servers

Lightning dashboards



NodeMonitor is a simple Python Django website that makes calls to Bitcoin (bitcoind) and Lightning Network (c-lightning lightningd) nodes and displays the results on a simple 'dashboard' style status page.

Zabbix clightning

zabbix-clightning is a Zabbix template to monitor stats from c-lightning LN node.



LNDMON is a drop-in monitoring solution for your lnd node using Prometheus and Grafana.

See the blog post for more details.


Ride The Lightning (RTL) is a full function, device agnostic web user interface for Lightning Network Daemon, to help manage lightning node operations. Lightning Network Daemon is an implementation of Lightning Network BOLT protocol by Lightning Labs.


lndash is a simple read-only web dashboard for lnd - Lightning Network Daemon.


ln-dashboard is aimed at technical lightning network routing providers who want to have a better overview over their funds, channels and fee policies to maximize their utility as a routing node.

Blitzbank Dashboard

Blitzbank Dashboard is a dashboard for your Bitcoind/LND full node.


lntop is an interactive text-mode channels viewer for Unix systems.


FlaskBitcoinDashboard is made with Bootstrap for watching a Bitcoin node (tried it on Ubuntu, should work on OSX, too).

Casa Node Dashboard

Casa Node Dashboard is for Casa nodes but also open.


ThunderHub is an LND node manager for your browser.

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