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monitor lnd wallet and channel balances

Short script to monitor walletbalance and channelbalance for LND, and log to csv file for later graphing. You need a working LND, and jq installed.

first setup by editing balances.txt and add a header line


add the following script, edit

# set a date variable in epoch milliseconds
datelog=`/bin/date +%s%3N`

# read wallet balance and channel balance
read walletbalance <<<$(REPLACE-WITH-GOPATH/bin/lncli walletbalance | jq -r -c .total_balance)
read channelbalance <<<$(REPLACE-WITH-GOPATH/bin/lncli channelbalance | jq -r -c .balance)

# output values to csv file
# make sure you set heading row beforehand
# date,walletbalance,channelbalance
echo $datelog,$walletbalance,$channelbalance >> balances.csv

Make the script executable

chmod +x

Add to crontab

crontab -e

0 * * * * /home/YOURUSERNAME/ >/dev/null 2>&1

And it should run hourly from there.

You can cat/tail the file to monitor, or import to a web-hosted graph using highcharts or similar.

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