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Class exercise: Re-write the "Proposal for regulatory actions for crypto assets"

Class exercise


The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) recently released a proposed set of regulations for cryptocurrencies:


Individually, or in groups, for section 8, everyone must:

take a proposed clause and suggest a rewrite

this can be framed in the desired format regulatory economists understand (1), specifically:

  1. describe policy/regulatory problem
  2. unpack economic use case
  3. provide an actor-network diagram
  4. take a policy stance

It doesn't matter if multiple groups do the same clause, however it would be ideal if everyone's submission was a different clause with only some overlaps in terms of policy stance.

You can argue in support of a clause, or for an amendment.

You have X days to complete the exercise and submit to class, following which the class as a whole will evaluate everyone's rewrites and produce an updated proposed set of regulations taking into consideration all valid submissions which pass examination.


There is some local research into regulation in the space:

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