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Created Aug 31, 2016
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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Extracts all of the function names from the doxygen XML and generates a
# matching regex to be used for highlighting.
import json
import sys
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
def description_to_string(node):
return '\n'.join([el.text or '' for el in node]).strip()
def main(path):
tree = ET.parse(path)
builtins = []
for func in tree.findall(".//sectiondef[@kind='func']/memberdef[@kind='function']"):
params = {}
i = 0
for param in func.findall('./param'):
params[param.find('declname').text] = {
'label': '%s %s' % (param.find('type').text, param.find('declname').text),
'order': i,
i += 1
for item in func.findall('.//parameteritem'):
params[item.find('.//parametername').text]['documentation'] = description_to_string(item.find('.//parameterdescription'))
builtins += [{
'name': func.find('name').text,
'text': '%s %s' % (func.find('definition').text, func.find('argsstring').text),
'return': func.find('type').text,
'brief': description_to_string(func.find('briefdescription')),
'detailed': description_to_string(func.find('detaileddescription')),
'signature': {
'label': '%s %s' % (func.find('definition').text, func.find('argsstring').text),
'documentation': description_to_string(func.find('briefdescription')),
'parameters': list(sorted(params.values(), key=lambda x: x['order'])),
json.dump(builtins, sys.stdout)
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(sys.argv) < 2:
print 'Usage: %s xml-file' % sys.argv[0]
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