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Using "Update-ScriptFileInfo" properly in January 2017
$Splatting = @{
Path = "$env:USERPROFILE\Desktop\Your-Script.ps1"
Version = '1.0.0' # ;)
# GUID will randomly auto-generate for new scripts
# Only specify GUID if you're going to overwrite existing properties on an updated script version
Author = 'YourPSGalleryUsername'
Description = 'Explain your script to prospective users, preferably in one sentence.'
# CompanyName
# Copyright
Tags = @('super','awesome','radical')
# RequiredModules = 'Pester','AzureRM' # or any module name published on the PS Gallery
# ExternalModuleDependencies = 'qwerty' # any module name not published on the PS Gallery
# RequiredScripts = 'asdf' # any script published on the PS Gallery
# ExternalScriptDependencies = 'jkl' # you get the idea
# ProjectURI = 'https://YourGitHubProject'
# LicenseURI = 'https://YourGitHubProject/LICENSE'
# IconURI
# ReleaseNotes #
Force = $true
Update-ScriptFileInfo @Splatting

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commented Jul 16, 2017

I tried something like this but I keep on getting an error like this. I'm not sure why it keeps on going to that temp folder.. but whenver I run Test-ScriptFileInfo, everything comes out correctly

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