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Messy async handling of error conditions
function thisMightFail(callback, errback) {
xhrGet('/result', callback, errback);
function recoverFromFailure(callback, errback) {
function(result) {
if(callback) {
try {
} catch(e) {
// Ok, callback threw an exception, let's switch to errback
// At least this will let the caller know that something went wrong.
// But now, both the callback and errback will have been called, and
// and the developer may not have accounted for that!
function(error) {
if(errback) {
try {
} catch(ohnoes) {
// What do we do now?!?
// We could re-throw or not catch at all, but no one can catch
// the exception because this is all asynchronous.
// And now console.error has infiltrated deep into our code, too!
function getTheResult(callback, errback) {
// Simulating the catch-and-recover behavior of try/catch
thisMightFail(callback, function(e) {
recoverFromFailure(callback, errback);
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