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Quick&dirty Nimble matcher for testing ErrorType equality. Requires no casting or Equatable conformance!
@testable import Nimble
public func matchError<T: ErrorType>(expectedValue: T?) -> NonNilMatcherFunc<ErrorType> {
return NonNilMatcherFunc { actualExpression, failureMessage in
defer { failureMessage.postfixMessage = "match <\(T.self).\(stringify(expectedValue))>" }
if try actualExpression.evaluate() is T {
return try equal(expectedValue as? NSError).matches(
actualExpression.cast({ $0 as? NSError }),
failureMessage: failureMessage
return false
enum Error: ErrorType {
case MyError
case OtherError
enum AnotherError: ErrorType {
case Foo
let errType: ErrorType = Error.MyError
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