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Make XCTest tests fail on OS X unless they have been added to `allTests` for Linux support
import Foundation
import XCTest
// XCTestCaseProvider is defined on Linux as part of swift-corelibs-xctest,
// but is not available on OS X. By defining this protocol and extension
// we ensure that the tests fail on OS X if they haven't been configured properly
// to be run on Linux
#if !os(Linux)
public protocol XCTestCaseProvider {
var allTests : [(String, () throws -> Void)] { get }
extension XCTestCase {
override public func tearDown() {
if let provider = self as? XCTestCaseProvider {
extension XCTestCaseProvider {
private func assertContainsTest(name: String) {
let contains = self.allTests.contains({ test in
return test.0 == name
XCTAssert(contains, "Test '\(name)' is missing from the allTests array")
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