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Classroom Norms for 1907-GHP-NY-WEB-FT
  • Be Present
  • Be Kind
  • Take Space and Make Space (be mindful of how much time/space you're taking up and be willing to yield to others)
  • For morning review, put your questions up the night before
  • Listen without interrupting
  • It's ok to talk about friction we might have working with each other
  • Confirming that we understand each other by rephrasing. ("What I'm hearing is...")
  • No Question Is a Ridiculous Question
  • Every mistake can teach you something. Treat mistakes as growth and learning opportunities.
    • This is also true of unintenionally harmful communication
    • Remember that even interpersonal friction is an opportunity for growth and learning
  • Be patient and considerate
  • Don't let your success eclipse my learning opportunity
  • Accepting limitations while striving for growth
  • Crying is sometimes an important part of problem-solving
  • You have permission to take care of your physical self (logistics)
  • Remember that interpersonal friction can be thought of as needs being met
  • Communicate positively, both with your words and your actions
  • Remember not to reach for malice first as an explanation
  • WGAD - Who Gives A Damn?
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