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briandonahue/projection.js Secret

Created Jul 21, 2014
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Projection test
// EditionSearchModel,
// NOTE: this sample projection immediately stops in one-time mode unless you have
// either event_type1 or event_type1 events in the store
reorderEvents: true, // enables event reordering in a multi-stream projection
// event reordering attempts to feed the projection with events in a
// their natural order
processingLag: 500, // processing lag in ms allowing event reordering to happen
// fromStream('streamId') | fromStreams(['sream1', 'stream2']) | fromCategory('category')
//NOTE: fromCategory requires $by_category standard projection to be enabled
// .foreachStream() | .partitionBy(function(e) { return e.body.useId; })
$init: function () {
return { }; // initial state
$any: function(s, e) {
linkTo('hercules.readmodel-EditionSearchModel', e);
return s;
// .filterBy(f)/transformBy(f)
// .outputTo(name[, namePattern]) // defines a name for the output stream
//NOTE: filterBy(), transformBy(), emit(), linkTo(), copyTo() require "emit enabled" (see checkbox below)
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