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Notes on my QuickFix talk at VimChi
rational: Vim has a lot of great ways to navigate a project. But if your computer already knows where the problem is, we should be able to jump straight there without searching again.
:help quickfix
Supports "edit-compile-edit"
Inspired by an Amega compiler
+quickfix flag:
$ vim --version | grep quickfix
Useful any time you need a list of locations in your document
* :vimgrep
* :make
* :Ggrep (fugitive)
* :Ack
* :Rake
Two types of lists:
error window
location list
* demonstrate make
:cw opens the error list
:col opens the previous one
:cnew opens the next one
jump to an error's location with <Enter>
location lists are associated with a window, quickfix is vim instance wide.
:lolder (lol)
like lcd vs cd.
custom makeprg of % can be handy to execute the current buffer
* [demo video](
* works seamlessly with dispatch.vim to run your rake tasks asynchronously .
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