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Last active May 5, 2021 02:25
Install Facebooks Fast CPython implementation with Docker
TLDR; This makes pip work.
Inside your terminal CTRL-R cmd for windows.
CTRL-ALT-F2 -> Login -> receive bash prompt.
docker run -t -i fedora:32 bash
Inside the docker image
git clone
var http = require('http');
function follow(url, cb) {
http.get(url, function(res) {
res.on('data', function (chunk) {
var data = JSON.parse(chunk.toString());
if (!data || !data.follow) {
import math
import random
def search(array, key):
if len(array) == 0: return -1
hits = 0
max_value = 4294967296
min_value = 0
lower = 0
upper = len(array) - 1
A# (Axiom)
A-0 System
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Last active June 4, 2018 22:42
delete github
#pip install pygithub
#python <username> <token>
#Create a token with delete permission and all other repo permission
import sys
from github import Github
username = sys.argv[1]
token = sys.argv[2]
g = Github(username, token)
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brianherman /
Created December 16, 2017 03:59
sawtooth notes Generally, to compile Python Protobufs you would follow these instructions to install Google’s Protobuf compiler and manually compile Python classes however you like.

This example will use classes from the Sawtooth Python SDK, which can be compiled by running the executable script bin/protogen.

Sawtooth protocol buffers aren't in the pip package so you have to generate them.

how to upgrade sentry
sudo docker rm -f my-sentry
sudo docker -i -t my-sentry /bin/bash(attach to sentry)
while attached run command:
sentry upgrade
re run sentry with secret key
brianherman /
Last active June 15, 2018 19:00
Debian Jessie and mssql-server

Download mssql from the microsoft website.


dpkg -i mssql-server_14.0.1.246-6_amd64.deb 

The next command will install dependancies.

sudo apt-get -f install