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Last active December 4, 2022 04:45
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Advent of Code in Gleam
import gleam/int
import gleam/list
import gleam/erlang/file
import gleam/string
// 01.txt is a list of the caloric values of the snacks that elves are carrying.
// Each elf's personal inventory is separated from the other elves' inventories with
// two newlines "\n\n", and each snack is separated by a single newline "\n".
// In other words, the input string is a list of elf inventories, which is itself a
// list of snacks' caloric values.
fn parse_day_01() {
assert Ok(input) ="./src/days/01.txt")
|> string.split(on: "\n\n")
|> {
|> string.split(on: "\n")
|> list.filter_map(int.parse)
|> int.sum
pub fn part_one() {
|> list.fold(0, int.max)
pub fn part_two() {
|> list.sort(
|> list.reverse
|> list.take(3)
|> int.sum
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