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Created January 3, 2012 03:04
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Find conflicting assembly references
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using System.Reflection;
using NUnit.Framework;
namespace MyProject
public class UtilityTest
public void FindConflictingReferences()
var assemblies = GetAllAssemblies(@"E:\dev\myapp\myproject\bin\debug");
var references = GetReferencesFromAllAssemblies(assemblies);
var groupsOfConflicts = FindReferencesWithTheSameShortNameButDiffererntFullNames(references);
foreach (var group in groupsOfConflicts)
Console.Out.WriteLine("Possible conflicts for {0}:", group.Key);
foreach (var reference in group)
Console.Out.WriteLine("{0} references {1}",
private IEnumerable<IGrouping<string, Reference>> FindReferencesWithTheSameShortNameButDiffererntFullNames(List<Reference> references)
return from reference in references
group reference by reference.ReferencedAssembly.Name
into referenceGroup
where referenceGroup.ToList().Select(reference => reference.ReferencedAssembly.FullName).Distinct().Count() > 1
select referenceGroup;
private List<Reference> GetReferencesFromAllAssemblies(List<Assembly> assemblies)
var references = new List<Reference>();
foreach (var assembly in assemblies)
foreach (var referencedAssembly in assembly.GetReferencedAssemblies())
references.Add(new Reference
Assembly = assembly.GetName(),
ReferencedAssembly = referencedAssembly
return references;
private List<Assembly> GetAllAssemblies(string path)
var files = new List<FileInfo>();
var directoryToSearch = new DirectoryInfo(path);
files.AddRange(directoryToSearch.GetFiles("*.dll", SearchOption.AllDirectories));
files.AddRange(directoryToSearch.GetFiles("*.exe", SearchOption.AllDirectories));
return files.ConvertAll(file => Assembly.LoadFile(file.FullName));
private class Reference
public AssemblyName Assembly { get; set; }
public AssemblyName ReferencedAssembly { get; set; }
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I get a ton of results for "Possible conflicts for mscorlib" is this expected?

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