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Winter '21 Salesforce Safe Navigation Operator Bugs
// Example: CompileFail error on valid code
class B {
string field = 'Test';
B b1 = new B(), b2;
//System.TypeException: Comparison arguments must be compatible types: String, Boolean
System.assertEquals(true, b1.field != b2?.field);
// Example: Internal Server Error, no gack code
Contact con1, con;
System.assert(con1?.FirstName == con2?.FirstName);
// Example: debug outputs opposite value
class A {
string field = 'Test';
A a1 = new A(), a2;
System.debug(a1.field != a2?.field); // Outputs false, should be true
System.debug(a1.field == a2?.field); // Outputs true, should be false
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