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Brian Rogers brianrogers

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brianrogers / gist:3174200
Created Jul 25, 2012
RollupRegistrationOnExit with database inserts and interactions
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public override void RollupRegistrationOnExit(ExternalRegistrationId externalReg, ExternalConfiguration externalConfig)
PettitExternalRegistrationId myExternalRegistrationId = externalReg as PettitExternalRegistrationId;
if (myExternalRegistrationId == null)
throw new ScormContentPlayerApplicationException("The external registration id argument was not a valid PettitExternalRegistrationId object.");
RegistrationSummary regSummary = ScormEngineManager.GetRegistrationSummary(externalReg, externalConfig);
// Completion is an enumeration: Unknown, Completed, Incomplete
Completion completionStatus = regSummary.CompletionStatus;
brianrogers / gist:1444150
Created Dec 7, 2011
Changing the text in the left TOC menu
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//add this code to the 'head' section of your left.jsp/aspx page
<script src="../scripts/thirdparty/jquery-1.3.2.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
console.log('jquery loaded');
brianrogers / gist:1435319
Created Dec 5, 2011
SCORM Engine DataHelper Sample Code
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DataHelper dh = Retrieve.Implementation.GetHelper(this.GetConnectionString(externalConfig));
ArrayList spParams = new ArrayList();
spParams.Add(new SPParam("@U_ID", myExternalRegistrationId.UserId));
// This sql query must be adjusted to suit your database
string sql =
@"select first_name, last_name
from Users
WHERE U_id = @U_ID
brianrogers / gist:988166
Created May 24, 2011
ScormEngineManager basics
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//setup the externalConfig and externalPackageId
string serializedExternalConfiguration = "";
VanillaExternalConfiguration config = new VanillaExternalConfiguration();
string serializedExternalPackageId = "CourseId|123";
VanillaExternalPackageId pkgId = new VanillaExternalPackageId();
pkgId.VersionId = 0;
brianrogers / gist:952734
Created May 3, 2011
GetExternalPackageIdFromExternalRegId Override
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//Change CLIENTNAME to your company code to match the rest of your integration overrides
//Replace ClientRegistrationKey with your ExternalRegistrationId keys
//Replace ClientPackageKey with your ExternalPackageId keys
public override ExternalPackageId GetExternalPackageIdFromExternalRegId(ExternalRegistrationId externalReg, ExternalConfiguration externalConfig)
if (externalReg.ExternalPackageId != null)
{ // we have it cached
Integration.Implementation.LogDetail("Default GetExternalPackageIdFromExternalRegId() called - cached id found, database bypassed", externalConfig);
return externalReg.ExternalPackageId;
brianrogers / gist:914330
Created Apr 11, 2011
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/// <summary>
/// See <see cref="IntegrationInterface.IsAllowed"/> for a full description.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="request">Http Request on whose behalf the method is invoked</param>
/// <param name="method">The method that's being invoked</param>
/// <returns>True if the credentials in the HttpRequest are satisfactory to execute the given method</returns>
public override bool IsAllowed(HttpRequest request, SecureMethod method)
bool isAllowed = false;
brianrogers / gist:902234
Created Apr 4, 2011
Package Property Overrides
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#region Default Package Properties
/// <summary>
/// See <see cref="IntegrationInterface.DefaultShowFinishButton"/> for a full description..
/// </summary>
/// <param name="learningStandard">The learning standard that governs delivery of the package</param>
/// <param name="singleSco">Will be true if there is only one SCO in the package (because this structure usually results in a different default setup)</param>
/// <param name="externalConfig">External configuration information.</param>
/// <returns>This implementation returns <see cref="YesNoValue.NO"/> for a single SCO, otherwise it returns <see cref="YesNoValue.YES"/>.</returns>
public override YesNo DefaultShowFinishButton(LearningStandard learningStandard, bool singleSco, ExternalConfiguration externalConfig)