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Last active October 1, 2017 23:57
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Scripts to process HORIZONS ephemeris data
import re
import os
import csv
import json
import sys
import StringIO
import dateutil.parser
import datetime
def main(inputFile):
base = os.path.basename(inputFile)
name = os.path.splitext(base)[0]
file = open(inputFile, "rU")
data =
starSplit = data.split("*******************************************************************************")
csvHeader = starSplit[5].replace(" ", "").replace("\n", "")
csvStart = data.split("$$SOE")[1]
csvBody = csvStart.split("$$EOE")[0]
csvAll = StringIO.StringIO(csvHeader + "\r" + csvBody)
csvReader = csv.DictReader(csvAll,delimiter=',')
csvRows = list(csvReader)
months = ['Jan', 'Feb', 'Mar', 'Apr', 'May', 'Jun', 'Jul', 'Aug', 'Sep', 'Oct', 'Nov', 'Dec'];
# strip the space
for row in csvRows:
#strip all values
for key, value in row.iteritems():
row[key] = value.strip()
# change the date key
row["date"] = row.pop("CalendarDate(TDB)")
row["date"] = row["date"].replace("A.D. ", "").replace(".0000", "");
# e.g.: 1997-Oct-15 12:00:00.0000 to 1997-10-15 12:00:00.0000
for i, d in enumerate(months):
idx = "0" + str(i+1) if len(str(i+1)) == 1 else str(i+1)
row["date"] = row["date"].replace(d, idx)
# reduce the precision a little
row["X"] = float(format(float(row["X"]), '.10f'))
row["Y"] = float(format(float(row["Y"]), '.10f'))
row["Z"] = float(format(float(row["Z"]), '.10f'))
del row["JDTDB"]
del row[""]
## write to file if this is called independently on the commandline
if __name__ == "__main__":
jsonfile = open('src/ngm-assets/data/'+name+'.json', 'w')
return csvRows
## is this running from commandline?
if __name__ == "__main__":
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