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Storytelling from Space

Storytelling from Space: Tools/Resources

This list of resources is all about acquring and processing aerial imagery. It's generally broken up in three ways: how to go about this in Photoshop/GIMP, using command-line tools, or in GIS software, depending what's most comfortable to you. Often these tools can be used in conjunction with each other.

Acquiring Landsat & MODIS

Web Interface


Processing Landsat



listgeo -no_norm original.tif > original.geo Add the metadata back after saving back out geotifcp -g original.geo modified.tif modified_geotiff.tif ```



GDAL - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library & ImageMagick (command-line photoshop)
  • GDAL: ogr2ogr (for vector) and GDAL (for raster)

brew install gdal --enable-unsupported --with-postgresql ``` note: "--enable-unsupported" allows you to install third party drivers, necessary for proprietary formats like MrSID and FileGDB. See this

  • ImageMagick, aka convert

brew install imagemagick ```

Orfeo - More advanced. Do things like atmospheric correction and NDVI.


QGIS - Open Source alternative to ArcGIS
  • Install

brew tap homebrew/science brew install qgis24 --with-grass7 --with-orfeo

May need: <

May also need:

sudo pip install psycop2 echo 'export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages' >> ~/.bash_profile ```

Creating Web Imagery

Storytelling Tools

Storytelling from Space, In the wild

Misc Geospatial Tools


  • USGS land cover classification data

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JeanAbbiateci commented Nov 2, 2014

Great selection !

This a interactive piece of journalism i made for Le Temps, a Swiss Newspaper, on Gaza. Perhaps it may interest you...


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Owner Author

briantjacobs commented Nov 11, 2014

Wow. Great work. Thanks for posting.


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moklick commented Jul 6, 2016

Hey @briantjacobs,

thanks for the collection :)

We also did a project about how green German cities really are where we used satellite imagery:

Belonging tutorial:

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