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LinkedIn Auth Middleware
LinkedInClient = require('./LinkedInClient').LinkedInClient
_ = require 'underscore'
url = require 'url'
exports.linkedinAuth = (apiKey, apiSecret, baseUrl, secureUrls) ->
(req, res, next) ->
req.session.tokens ?= {}
req.linkedInClient = new LinkedInClient {apiKey: apiKey, apiSecret: apiSecret}, req.session.tokens
handleError = (error) ->
console.log "Error logging in: #{JSON.stringify error}"
return res.send "There was an error logging into LinkedIn. Please try again."
if req.linkedInClient.hasAccessToken() || !(req.url && _.include secureUrls, url.parse(req.url).pathname)
else if req.linkedInClient.hasRequestToken() && req.query['oauth_verifier']
req.linkedInClient.getAccessToken req.query['oauth_verifier'], (error) ->
return handleError error if error
req.linkedInClient.getRequestToken "#{baseUrl}#{req.url}", (error, redirectUrl) ->
return handleError error if error
res.redirect redirectUrl

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brikis98 commented Aug 9, 2011

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