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View bad.rb
class Foo
attr_accessor :x
end do
x = 5
View test_helper.rb
require "simplecov"
SimpleCov.command_name "unit:#{}"
SimpleCov.at_exit do
orig, $stdout = $stdout,"/dev/null", "w")
$stdout, orig = orig, nil
View ring_buffer.rb
class RingBuffer
attr_reader :capacity, :size
def initialize(capacity)
@array =
@capacity = capacity
@read_index = 0
@size = 0
View ansible.yml
- hosts: servers
- role: server
{{ port }}:
internal: "{{ groups['clients'] }}"
britishtea / _instructions.txt
Last active Jul 13, 2016
Run terco on login on Mac OS X
View _instructions.txt
This are instructions to run terco on login on Mac OS X.
1. Install terco using the system ruby (sudo gem install terco).
2. Copy the script below to ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.soveran.terco.plist. You may have to replace `/usr/local/bin/terco`, if terco has been installed to a different directory (use `which terco` to find out).
3. Load the script using the command
sudo launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.soveran.terco.plist
To make a domain resolve to localhost follow these instructions:
britishtea / benchmark.rb
Created Feb 20, 2015
Is _ as an argument name optimized or just a convention?
View benchmark.rb
def does_care(*a)
def cares_a_little(*_a)
def does_not_care(*_)
britishtea /
Last active Dec 18, 2018
My right prompt for the fish shell.
function fish_right_prompt -d "Write out the right prompt"
set -l exit_code $status
set -l is_git_repository (git rev-parse --is-inside-work-tree ^/dev/null)
set_color black
# Print a yellow fork symbol when in a subshell
set -l max_shlvl 1
test $TERM = "screen"; and set -l max_shlvl 3
britishtea /
Last active Apr 5, 2016
Bookmarking directories in the fish shell. Copy the file to $fish_function_path (~/.config/fish/functions by default) as to install.
function jump -d "Jumps to a marked directory"
# If $JUMP_PATH isn't set, use a default (~/.config/jump).
if set -q $JUMP_PATH
set JUMP_PATH $HOME/.config/jump
# If the $JUMP_PATH directory doesn't exist, create it.
if not test -d $JUMP_PATH
mkdir -p $JUMP_PATH
britishtea / result.txt
Created Jan 26, 2015
Building a long chain of words (PPCG code golf challenge)
View result.txt
["Del", "Delmar", "mar", "mariachi", "chickpea", "pea", "peahen", "henpecking", "ingraining", "ingratiated", "tedious", "ousters", "ersatzes", "zest", "estranging", "ingenuously", "sly", "slyness", "essayist", "isthmus", "mushing", "ingredient", "entertainment", "entryway", "waywardness", "essences", "cession", "ion", "ionization", "ionizer", "zeros", "roses", "sesame", "amelioration", "ionosphere", "erection", "ionospheres", "resale", "alerted", "tediously", "slyest", "establishment", "entrenchment", "entombed", "bedevilment", "entailing", "inglorious", "ousting", "ingested", "tediousness", "essay", "saying", "ingrown", "ownership", "hippie", "piercingly", "glycerin", "ringing", "ingrains", "insurgent", "entertainingly", "glycerol", "rolling", "ingenuousness", "essaying", "ingenuous", "ouster", "terracing", "ingesting", "ingratiating", "ingestion", "ionizing", "ingot", "got", "gotten", "tensing", "ingrates", "testable", "blest", "estimations", "onshore", "ore", "ores", "restructure", "urea", "rears", "arseni
britishtea / benchmark.rb
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Array#join vs Regexp.union (ran on Ruby 2.0.0)
View benchmark.rb
require "benchmark/ips"
input = %w[one two three four five six seven]
Benchmark.ips do |x| "Array#join" do { |e| Regexp.escape e }.join "|"
end "Regexp.union" do
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