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AmazonUnlimitedSearch Tool
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on Fri Jan 5 17:04:13 2018
@author: brokendish
import bottlenose as api
import bs4
import sys
import os
import time
----- AWS Key Setup -----
export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=アクセスキー
export AWS_SECRET_KEY=シークレットキー
export ASSOSIATE_ID=アソシエイトID
AWSAccessKeyId = os.getenv("AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID","")
AWSSecretKey = os.getenv("AWS_SECRET_KEY","")
AssosiateId = os.getenv("ASSOSIATE_ID","")
# KindleUnlimitedのノードを指定
KINDLE_UMLIMITED_NODE_ID = "4486610051,2275256051"
----- Amazon API -----
amazon = api.Amazon(AWSAccessKeyId, AWSSecretKey, AssosiateId, Region='JP')
----- unlimited_search ----------------------------------------
Amazon Kindle Unlimitedの指定したキーワードの最新100件を表示する。
keywords :キーワード
page :ページ指定※
searchIndex="KindleStore" :商品カテゴリ(デフォルト:KindleStore)
def unlimited_search (keywords, page, searchIndex="KindleStore", browseNode=KINDLE_UMLIMITED_NODE_ID):
response = amazon.ItemSearch(Keywords=keywords, SearchIndex=searchIndex, BrowseNode=browseNode, Sort="daterank",ItemPage=page,ResponseGroup="Large")
res = bs4.BeautifulSoup(response, "lxml")
return res
if __name__ == '__main__':
ret = unlimited_search(keyWd, 1)
print ("%s件見つかりましたが、100件が対象です。" % ret.find("totalresults").contents[0])
total_pages = ret.find("totalpages").contents[0]
print ("ページ数: %s" % (total_pages))
for pg in range(1, int(total_pages) + 1):
print("---------- ページ: %s" % (pg))
ret = unlimited_search(keyWd, int(pg))
for item in ret.findAll("item"):
detailpageurl = item.detailpageurl.contents[0] if item.detailpageurl is not None else "None" #商品ページ
largeimage = item.largeimage.url.contents[0] if item.largeimage is not None else "None" #商品画像(大)
mediumimage = item.mediumimage.url.contents[0] if item.mediumimage is not None else "None" #商品画像(中)
smallimage = item.smallimage.url.contents[0] if item.smallimage is not None else "None" #商品画像(小)
publicationdate = item.publicationdate.contents[0] if item.publicationdate is not None else "None" #出版日
title = item.title.contents[0] if item.title.contents[0] is not None else "None" #タイトル
publisher = item.publisher.contents[0] if item.publisher is not None else "None" #出版社
print ('{}\t{}\t{}' .format(publicationdate, title, publisher))
#print ('{}\t{}\t{}\t{}\t{}'.format(publicationdate, title, publisher, detailpageurl, largeimage))
if int(pg) == 10:
print ("----- END -----")
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