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Last active September 22, 2020 17:35
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Forge and Envoyer Ideas


  • Option when creating a new site to automatically make the Laravel schedule:run cron job.
  • Move a lot of the 'helper text' into tooltips. Less cluttered design, especially for experienced users, but still provides the info for those who need it.
  • Move all of the 'create' forms into modals (or separate pages). Brings our list of existing sites or servers above the fold. Again, lends towards a cleaner UX.
  • Similar to the Homestead aliases file, allow us to define and save alias files, that we can can include on the server when we build it.
  • Allow us to define and save different deploy scripts, that we can apply to sites. For example, save a custom one for 'production' deploys, and one for 'staging' deploys.
  • autocomplete="one-time-code" for 2FA token on login.
  • Deploy script variables. {{ sha }}
  • Add alias 'Sites'. A domain that points to another project folder. Essentially what this comes down to (I think) is allowing us to override the base part of the nginx server 'root'.
  • Add a folder with site level Nginx configurations that gets included in all /etc/nginx/sites-available files.


  • Create and save servers. Then select them for projects. Lets us make updates quicker, and not retype the same info many times. (I think this is mostly solved with the ability to import Forge servers.)
  • Create and save Hooks. I do a lot of duplication writing the same hooks many times across projects.
  • autocomplete="one-time-code" for 2FA token on login.
  • Autofocus on 2FA token on login.
  • The concept of 'before' and 'after' deployment hooks seems a little overengineered to me. A before 'Active New Release' is the same as an after 'Install Composer Dependencies'. This also makes the interface a little clunky, and I feel like it's always 1 or 2 extra clicks to get where I want. A better UX, IMHO, would be to simply have a list of deployment hooks on 1 page, and then drag and drop order them as needed, like is currently available on the 'Before and After' screen.
  • Let us see the exact server commands that are being run on the default deployment hooks. Not sure if they need to be editable, but it's nice to know exactly what's going on.
  • Reduce the spacing between each step on the 'Deployment Recap' screen. It seems crazy that half the steps are below the fold on that screen. I want to have a quick glance to see how it went, without having to scroll.
  • More deploy script variables. {{ revision }}, {{ branch }}
  • Add button to recheck 'Post-Deployment Health' without running full deployment.
  • Under 'Update Server', change the wording from 'Restart FPM After Deployments' to 'Reload FPM After Deployments, if this is truly what is happening. Good for users to know what is actually happening since there are some downtime implications with a restart.
  • 'Copy' button for Public SSH Keys
  • Add a deploy button to the dashboard.
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