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Working from home

Bruno Casali brunoocasali

Working from home
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import Controller from '@ember/controller';
import { action } from '@ember/object';
import { tracked } from '@glimmer/tracking';
export default class ApplicationController extends Controller {
appName = 'Ember Twiddle';
@tracked prop;
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import Ember from 'ember';
import {inject as service} from '@ember/service';
export default Ember.Controller.extend({
appName: `Ember's Route Hook Order`,
router: service(),
actions: {
clearLog() {
brunoocasali / logeverything.js
Created Nov 21, 2018 — forked from zapthedingbat/logeverything.js
Log every function call to the console
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(function() {
var call =; = function() {
console.log(this, arguments);
return call.apply(this, arguments);
brunoocasali /
Created Mar 21, 2017 — forked from jshimko/
Deploy Reaction Commerce on Digital Ocean with Nginx and a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate
# start a server on Digital Ocean
docker-machine create \
--driver digitalocean \
--digitalocean-access-token <YOUR API KEY> \
--digitalocean-size 2gb \
# tell Docker to run commands on that server