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Fantasy Football League Rules

League Constitution

  1. All rules should be based on encouraging human to human interaction

  2. There shall be no autodraft, autodraft makes drafts boring.

  3. Teams will be divided into equally sized divisions. Advancement to the playoffs will be based on ranking within the division.

  4. The payouts will be as follows:

    • Second place will get their entry fee returned.
    • Each week, the team with the highest score in the league will be assessed a high score payout, paid at the completion of the season.
    • The remainder of the prize money will be paid to first place, less the costs of any awards.


2019.1 - Each team gets $1,000 FAAB per seasion to use on the waiver wire.

2019.2 - There is a one day delay between a trade being proposed and executed.

2019.3 - Each team is allowed unlimited waiver wire pick-ups.

2018.1 - The starting roster will be 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/TE/WR, 1 K, 1 DEF, 1 LB, 1 DB

2017.1 - This league shall be a dynasty league, where 10 players of the 20 man roster will be kept from one season to the next. There is no term limit on the number of times a player can be held.

2017.2 - Each team is allocated 5 waver wire pickups for the entirety of the season. These pickups can be traded. (Replaced by 2019.3)

2017.3 - Each team manager is required to contribute $50 to be eligible to play.

2017.4 - A team who starts a player who is on a "Bye" week will be fined an additional $5, this money will be added to the first place winner's payout.

2017.5 - Trades can exceed players being exchanged for players. This can include, but is not limited to, draft picks and waver wire picks. This also establishes the office of "Trade Czar" who will keep track of any not-in-the-computer trades.

2016.1 - The draft order shall be the inverse of the finishing position of each team the previous season.

2015.1 - The person who finishes in last place will provide alcohol and food for everyone attending the live draft.

2014.1 - The draft shall have a hard timer. First 6 rounds are 2 minutes. Final 8 rounds are 90 seconds. A timer will be displayed during each pick (Will need to be amended for dynasty rosters)

2014.2 - A team my keep up to two players. The first player kept will be in place of their second round draft choice, a second player kept will be in place of their first round draft choice. (Replaced by 2017.1)

2013.1 - Wide Recievers shall be given 0.5 points per reception (PPR).

2012.1 - The total roster shall be filled by any combination of player positions.

2011.1 - The starting roster will be 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 WR/TE, 1 K, 1 DEF. (Replaced by 2018.1)

2011.2 - The total roster will be 2 QB, 3 RB, 5 WR/TE (Max 1 TE), 2 K, 2 DEF, 1 FLEX (Repealed by 2012.1)

2011.3 - Each team manager is requried to contribute $40 to be eligible to play (Replaced by 2017.3)

2011.4 - The high score of the week payout shall be $10.

2011.5 - Each team in the league shall be randomly assigned a divison.

2011.6 - Each Team in the league shall be randomly assigned a draft order (Replaced by 2016.1)

2011.7 - The draft shall follow the "serpentine" method, where the final team in a round gets the first selection the following round and the order is reversed for the remainder of the round.

Office Positions

Office Filled By
Holy Commissioner Dustin Brownell
Ass. to the Commish Casey Crawford
Trade Czar Shawn Crawford
Name Czar (Champ) Craig Armstrong

League Champions

Year Team 2nd Place
2023 PhinsUp (Shawn Crawford) Furry Tractors (Steve Lambert)
2022 CandyPusha (John Horiatis) zballin (Zach Bauling)
2021 TallChief (Zach Aaron) The Dubhouse (Joel Webb).
2020 PhinsUp (Shawn Crawford) WasterHardy (Craig Armstrong)
2019 WasterHardy (Craig Armstrong) Lords of Pork (Joel Webb)
2018 Furry Tractors (Steve Lambert) Lords of Pork (Joel Webb)
2017 Phin's Up! (Shawn Crawford) Furry Tractors (Steve Lambert)
2016 Lords of Pork (Joel Webb) RainCitySpecial (Zach Aaron)
2015 Phin's Up! (Shawn Crawford) #TrustMeImaDoctor (Zach Bauling)
2014 Lord's of Pork (Joel Webb) (Ashley)
2013 PoodleBear (Chris MacaBoy) SPORTScntrTHEMEsong (Richard Awiza)
2012 AtabegsOf Azerbaijan (Miles Brownell) Drunken Skittles (Zach Aaron)
2011 ItsOn like Ndamukong (Casey) 3rd String Kings (Dustin Brownell)
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