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PyCUDA/Thrust interop
import pycuda
import pycuda.autoinit
import pycuda.gpuarray as gpuarray
import numpy as np
from codepy.cgen import *
from codepy.bpl import BoostPythonModule
from codepy.cuda import CudaModule
#Make a host_module, compiled for CPU
host_mod = BoostPythonModule()
#Make a device module, compiled with NVCC
nvcc_mod = CudaModule(host_mod)
#Describe device module code
#NVCC includes
nvcc_includes = [
#Add includes to module
nvcc_mod.add_to_preamble([Include(x) for x in nvcc_includes])
#NVCC function
nvcc_function = FunctionBody(
FunctionDeclaration(Value('void', 'my_sort'),
[Value('CUdeviceptr', 'input_ptr'),
Value('int', 'length')]),
Block([Statement('thrust::device_ptr<float> thrust_ptr((float*)input_ptr)'),
Statement('thrust::sort(thrust_ptr, thrust_ptr+length)')]))
#Add declaration to nvcc_mod
#Adds declaration to host_mod as well
host_includes = [
#Add host includes to module
host_mod.add_to_preamble([Include(x) for x in host_includes])
host_namespaces = [
'using namespace boost::python',
#Add BPL using statement
host_mod.add_to_preamble([Statement(x) for x in host_namespaces])
host_statements = [
#Extract information from PyCUDA GPUArray
#Get length
'tuple shape = extract<tuple>(gpu_array.attr("shape"))',
'int length = extract<int>(shape[0])',
#Get data pointer
'CUdeviceptr ptr = extract<CUdeviceptr>(gpu_array.attr("gpudata"))',
#Call Thrust routine, compiled into the CudaModule
'my_sort(ptr, length)',
#Return result
'return gpu_array',
FunctionDeclaration(Value('object', 'host_entry'),
[Value('object', 'gpu_array')]),
Block([Statement(x) for x in host_statements])))
#Print out generated code, to see what we're actually compiling
print("---------------------- Host code ----------------------")
print("--------------------- Device code ---------------------")
#Compile modules
import codepy.jit, codepy.toolchain
gcc_toolchain = codepy.toolchain.guess_toolchain()
nvcc_toolchain = codepy.toolchain.guess_nvcc_toolchain()
module = nvcc_mod.compile(gcc_toolchain, nvcc_toolchain, debug=True)
length = 100
a = np.array(np.random.rand(length), dtype=np.float32)
print("---------------------- Unsorted -----------------------")
b = gpuarray.to_gpu(a)
# Call Thrust!!
c = module.host_entry(b)
print("----------------------- Sorted ------------------------")
print c.get()
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