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* Produces a function which uses template strings to do simple interpolation from objects.
* Usage:
* var makeMeKing = generateTemplateString('${name} is now the king of ${country}!');
* console.log(makeMeKing({ name: 'Bryan', country: 'Scotland'}));
* // Logs 'Bryan is now the king of Scotland!'
var generateTemplateString = (function(){
var cache = {};
function generateTemplate(template){
var fn = cache[template];
if (!fn){
// Replace ${expressions} (etc) with ${map.expressions}.
var sanitized = template
.replace(/\$\{([\s]*[^;\s\{]+[\s]*)\}/g, function(_, match){
return `\$\{map.${match.trim()}\}`;
// Afterwards, replace anything that's not ${map.expressions}' (etc) with a blank string.
.replace(/(\$\{(?!map\.)[^}]+\})/g, '');
fn = Function('map', `return \`${sanitized}\``);
return fn;
return generateTemplate;
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bryanerayner commented Aug 13, 2015

A function which converts a regular string to a function, accepting a map of values to interpolate. Allows dynamic template string creation.

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Globik commented Oct 9, 2015

Hm. And what about: fs.readFile('views/template.somelanguageorhtml','utf-8', function(err, data){
var d= generateTemplateString(data); console.log(d({ name: 'Bryan', country:'Russia'}));
}) ? Can I or somebody else make like this, say, from a read file or from fs.createReadStream?

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guillaumevincent commented Jul 29, 2016

there is an error in your function :

var test = generateTemplateString('/api/${param1}/${param2}/')
console.log(test({param1: 'bar', param2: 'foo'})) // /api/bar//

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bryanerayner commented Jul 29, 2016

Fixed. Thanks for the help.

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smeijer commented Nov 10, 2016

It seems to me that cache is being checked, but never assigned to? Perhaps add cache[template] = fn on line 29.

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smeijer commented Nov 10, 2016

I've modified your gist to support cache, and rewritten it to an es6 module. See the performance gain on jsPerf.

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