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Created December 28, 2011 02:42
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rtorrent configuration file with description
# This is an example resource file for rTorrent. Copy to
# ~/.rtorrent.rc and enable/modify the options as needed. Remember to
# uncomment the options you wish to enable.
# Maximum and minimum number of peers to connect to per torrent.
min_peers = 1
max_peers = 100
# Same as above but for seeding completed torrents (-1 = same as downloading)
min_peers_seed = 1
max_peers_seed = 50
# Maximum number of uploads single torrent may use
max_uploads = 10
# Maximum number of simultaneous downloads
max_downloads_global = 10
# Maximum number of simultaneous uploads
max_uploads_global = 20
# Global upload and download rate in KiB. "0" for unlimited.
download_rate = 0
upload_rate = 300
# Default directory to save the downloaded torrents.
directory = ./leeching
# Default session directory. Make sure you don't run multiple instance
# of rtorrent using the same session directory. Perhaps using a
# relative path?
session = ./.rtorrent
# Watch a directory for new torrents, and stop those that have been
# deleted.
schedule = watch_directory,5,5,load_start=./rtactive/*.torrent
schedule = tied_directory,6,5,start_tied=
schedule = untied_directory,7,5,stop_untied=
# Close torrents when diskspace is low.
schedule = low_diskspace,5,60,close_low_diskspace=2000M
# Periodically save session data
schedule = session_save,240,300,session_save=
# Enable the default ratio group.
# Change the limits, the defaults should be sufficient.
# Upload to a minimum ratio of 4.0
# Upload to a maximum ratio of 20.0
# Upload a minimum of 250 MB
# When seeding ratio is reached close the torrent
system.method.set = group.seeding.ratio.command, d.close=
# Move files to ./unsorted when download completes
system.method.set_key =,move_complete,"execute=mv,-n,$d.get_base_path=,./unsorted/;d.set_directory=./unsorted/"
# Port range to use for listening.
port_range = 33101-33199
# Start opening ports at a random position within the port range.
port_random = yes
# Encryption options, set to none (default) or any combination of the following:
# allow_incoming, try_outgoing, require, require_RC4, enable_retry, prefer_plaintext
# The example value allows incoming encrypted connections, starts unencrypted
# outgoing connections but retries with encryption if they fail, preferring
# plaintext to RC4 encryption after the encrypted handshake
encryption = allow_incoming,try_outgoing,enable_retry,prefer_plaintext
# Sort the main view by ratio
view.sort_current = main,greater=d.get_ratio=
view.sort_new = main,less=d.get_ratio=
view.sort = main
# Sort the seeding view by the upload rate and only show torrents with peers
view.sort_current = seeding,greater=d.get_up_rate=
view.filter = seeding,"and=d.get_complete=,d.get_peers_connected="
view.sort_new = seeding,less=d.get_up_rate=
view.sort = seeding
# Sort the leeching view by name
view.sort_current = leeching,greater=d.get_name=
view.sort_new = leeching,greater=d.get_name=
view.sort = leeching
# Filter the active view by connected peers
view.sort_current = active,less=d.get_name=
view.sort_new = leeching,less=d.get_name=
view.filter = active,d.get_peers_connected=
view.sort = active
schedule = sort_main,11,5,view.sort=main
schedule = sort_seeding,12,5,view.sort=seeding
schedule = sort_leeching,13,5,view.sort=leeching
schedule = sort_active,14,5,view.sort=active
# Enable DHT support for trackerless torrents or when all trackers are down.
# May be set to "disable" (completely disable DHT), "off" (do not start DHT),
# "auto" (start and stop DHT as needed), or "on" (start DHT immediately).
# The default is "off". For DHT to work, a session directory must be defined.
#dht = auto
# UDP port to use for DHT.
#dht_port = 6881
# Enable peer exchange (for torrents not marked private)
#peer_exchange = yes
|-- leeching
|-- rtactive
|-- sorted
|-- torrents
|-- unsorted
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thanks for making this, could you put a link in the comments of the script & declare license. im currently linking your script to funtoo linux's wiki via a wget pull.

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ghost commented Nov 11, 2015

@prewk, I get the below error when changed to your suggestion
rtorrent: Error in option file: ~/.rtorrent.rc:60: Junk at end of input.

edit: appears i have some reading to do, has to do with ./unsorted directory location.

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@livestradamus actually it looks like there is an extra double quote character in @prewk's proposed solution

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sheeit commented Aug 14, 2016

Thanks, really helpful. Tells you more about the config file than their official wiki.

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ZNikke commented Jan 2, 2017

Isn't the active view missing a view.sort_new, as the item in that section is a redefinition of the leeching sort_new?

Ie, view.sort_new = leeching,less=d.get_name= should really say active instead?

Also, shouldn't the sort_new and sort_current definitions be identical? For example, the main view sorts in reverse order when new items are added to be reversed again when the scheduled update triggers? Or am I missing something fundamental?

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Since rtorrent has a command change in version 0.9, it is necessary to rewrite .rtorrent.rc.

The following many error is displayed as an example.
Command "d.get_name" does not exist.
Command "d.get_complete" does not exist.
Command "d.get_peers_connected" does not exist.
Command "d.get_ratio" does not exist.

Source Page :

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seyo-IV commented Jul 18, 2019

I have a FreeBSD system, where is this file to place? Atm its under /usr/local/share/examples/rtorrent

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