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Created Mar 28, 2012
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fun with shef and pry
check out pry screencast here
install pry
$ gem install pry pry-doc
start shef
$ shef
# load pry
chef> require 'pry'
chef> binding.pry
pry> cd Chef::Resource::File
[2] pry(Chef::Resource::File):1> ls
Object.methods: yaml_tag_subclasses?
Chef::Mixin::ConvertToClassName#methods: convert_to_class_name convert_to_snake_case filename_to_qualified_string snake_case_basename
Chef::Resource.methods: attribute build_from_file json_create provider_base
locals: _ _dir_ _ex_ _file_ _in_ _out_ _pry_
[5] pry(Chef::Resource::File):1> .tree
# awesomeness
[5] pry(Chef::Resource::File):1> gem-cd chef
[7] pry(Chef::Resource::File):1> .ls
bin distro lib LICENSE README.rdoc
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