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from datetime import datetime
import json
import os
import boto3
EVENT_BUS = os.getenv("EVENT_BUS")
events_client = boto3.client("events")
def lambda_handler(event, context):
"""This Lambda function takes DynamoDB stream events and publishes them to an
EventBridge EventBus in batches (DynamoDB streams can be submitted in batches of a
maximum of 10).
events_to_put = []
for record in event["Records"]:
print(f"Event: {record['eventName']}/{record['eventID']}")
table_arn, _ = record["eventSourceARN"].split("/stream")
"Time": datetime.utcfromtimestamp(
"Source": "my-service.database",
"Resources": [table_arn],
"DetailType": record["eventName"],
"Detail": json.dumps(record), # Gotcha here: Decimal() objects require handling
"EventBusName": EVENT_BUS,
return "ok"
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