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Using Knockout and React together. Hook React component into Knockout.
['log', 'knockout', 'react', 'react-dom'],
function (log, ko, React, ReactDOM) {
"use strict";
function KnockoutReactBinding() {'Loading KO binding for React');
KnockoutReactBinding.prototype.init = function () {
* This binding helps loading react component within KO space.
* KO wont clobber this component and its descendants.
* USAGE: <div data-bind="react: IronBankApp"></div>
ko.bindingHandlers.react = {
init: function () {
return {controlsDescendantBindings: true};
update: function (el, valueAccessor, allBindings) {
var Component = ko.unwrap(valueAccessor());
var props = ko.toJS(allBindings.get('props'));
// Tell react to render/re-render
ReactDOM.render(React.createElement(Component, props), el);
return new KnockoutReactBinding();
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