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Publication Cast-Offs

Removed from Article on CoffeeScript for .net Magazine

So if you're looking to improve your craft as a JavaScript programmer, try CoffeeScript. And if you're of the firm opinion that CoffeeScript has no place for you because it doesn't generate JavaScript as well as you can, don't use it for your production code. But do use it. Try some things out, and inspect the result. It probably won't make you grow a neckbeard and switch to Python. Probably.

Removed from the intro of on article on Building Mobile Apps with Responsive Web Design for MSDN Magazine

Considering the checkered past we developers have with building mobile experiences, it's no wonder that Media Queries have taken off as much as they have. When held up against undesirable alternatives like browser-sniffing--sometimes called "device detection" in an effort to make the practice sound more like a professional discipline and less like a gateway to casual drug use--and crafting one-off mobile experiences, per platform, Media Queries comes off like Eddie Murphy's Golden Child.

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