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Binnacle Heroku Add-on Test Instructions
  • Go to Heroku ( and create an account if you don’t have one

  • Install the heroku toolbelt from or using Homebrew:

    /> brew install heroku-toolbelt
  • Send you heroku account email to

  • You’ll receive an email from heroku about being invited to test the alpha version of the binnacle add-on

  • Go to to create a new app (+)

  • Clone

    /> git clone
  • Copy the git remote of the newly created Heroku app and add it to the the cloned app:

    /> cd binnacle-rails-showcase
    binnacle-rails-showcase/> heroku git:remote -a binnacle-heroku-addon-test
  • Provision the add-on:

    binnacle-rails-showcase/> heroku addons:create binnacle:developer
    Creating binnacle-solid-28143... done, (free)
    Adding binnacle-solid-28143 to binnacle-heroku-addon-test... done
    Binnacle Add-on provisioned successfully!
    Use `heroku addons:docs binnacle` to view documentation.
    WARNING: Toolbelt v3.43.0 update available.
  • Display the Binnacle Added ENV Variables:

    binnacle-rails-showcase/> heroku config
    === binnacle-heroku-addon-test Config Vars
    BINNACLE_API_KEY:     pnuedcalmk8d3xob29u3
    BINNACLE_API_SECRET:  opp9vmv6ocf6s5beljf6
    BINNACLE_APP:         4k63i3yt03ezni9ymc45
    BINNACLE_APP_ERR_CTX: zperwzemlr5oef4df1br
    BINNACLE_APP_LOG_CTX: 10zyy87otott5bzsxbd6
    BINNACLE_CTX:         4jwj59hhangpcol4j6oj
  • Add the BINNACLE_AR_CTX, BINNACLE_CHAT_CTX and BINNACLE_VOTING_CTX env vars needed for the demo app using the value of the BINNACLE_CTX :

    binnacle-rails-showcase/> heroku config:set BINNACLE_AR_CTX=4jwj59hhangpcol4j6oj
    Setting BINNACLE_AR_CTX and restarting ⬢ binnacle-heroku-addon-test... done, v6
    BINNACLE_AR_CTX: 4jwj59hhangpcol4j6oj
    binnacle-rails-showcase/> heroku config:set BINNACLE_CHAT_CTX=4jwj59hhangpcol4j6oj
    Setting BINNACLE_CHAT_CTX and restarting ⬢ binnacle-heroku-addon-test... done, v7
    BINNACLE_CHAT_CTX: 4jwj59hhangpcol4j6oj
    binnacle-rails-showcase/> heroku config:set BINNACLE_VOTING_CTX=4jwj59hhangpcol4j6oj
    Setting BINNACLE_VOTING_CTX and restarting ⬢ binnacle-heroku-addon-test... done, v8
    BINNACLE_VOTING_CTX: 4jwj59hhangpcol4j6oj
  • Deploy the application:

    binnacle-rails-showcase/> git push heroku master
  • Migrate the database:

    binnacle-rails-showcase/> heroku run rake db:migrate
  • Seed the database with sample data:

    binnacle-rails-showcase/> heroku run rake db:seed
  • Launch the application on your default browser:

    binnacle-rails-showcase/> heroku open
  • You can launch the Binnacle app using Heroku’s Single-Sign-On (SSO) directly from Heroku.

  • Go to the resources page of your app:{your-heroku-app-name}/resources

  • Under the Add-ons section click on the binnacle Add-on Name

  • Create a user on the sample App and explore around.

  • On the Binnacle App, go to "General Log" context and select the "Tail General Log" button (one the action buttons next to the context log)

  • The current documentation for the add on can be found at: (it’s not publicly available until the add-on is moved to beta)

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