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Created February 5, 2023 13:01
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Go and Lua Hello World
go 1.19
require v0.0.0-20221004153744-91867de107cf // indirect v0.0.0-20221004153744-91867de107cf h1:VSUCKpFV0AfYGslgQSRdBI9HCVp1TCXJmScWD0VXL5g= v0.0.0-20221004153744-91867de107cf/go.mod h1:UCCi6u6YA8oXfJ15vEMiMGIaWWfLiOacinBPHxLXtEU=
package main
import lua ""
func main() {
l := lua.NewState()
l.PushString("Hello World!\n")
l.Call(1, 0)
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Quick question, if I call DoString on the lua state, how can I retrieve the value of that lua code snippet? It seems the documentation is really lacking in go-lua.

Thanks in advance!

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