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I18n translation with Integers for map keys


I18n uses YAML files to store translations, however when using an integer as a map key, the translation is then missing when referenced. This may be unexpected at first, but below describes the translation process, and why it is happening.

Sample YAML file

    foo: 'bar'


I18n.translate('') #=> "translation missing:"

We might have expected 'bar'

The Problem

  • I18n.translate calls
  • lookup calls
  • I18n.normalize_keys (i18n-0.6.1/lib/i18n.rb:255) calls
  • normalize_key (i18n-0.6.1/lib/i18n.rb:303)

The normalize_key method is shown below:

def normalize_key(key, separator)
  normalized_key_cache[separator][key] ||=
    case key
    when Array { |k| normalize_key(k, separator) }.flatten
      keys = key.to_s.split(separator)
      keys.delete('')! { |k| k.to_sym }

Note that this calls key.to_s followed by .to_sym. e.g. normalize_key("", ".") # => [:"1", :foo]

The translation file is loaded in the lookup method at this time with the key preserved in Integer format. However our lookup key is now: key.to_s.to_sym They integer map key is converted to a symbol, however we are now comparing :"1" with "1" and the translation fails because the key is missing.


Even though YAML supports Integers as map keys - use string representations of Integers as map keys when using I18n

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