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Generate a resumable upload URL for Google Cloud Storage
import json
import os
from oauth2client.service_account import ServiceAccountCredentials
import httplib2
GCP_CREDENTIALS_FILE = os.getenv('GCP_CREDENTIALS_FILE', 'client-secret.json')
def get_upload_url(bucket, filename, content_length, content_type='application/octet-stream'):
"""Generate a resumable upload URL for Google Cloud Storage"""
credentials = ServiceAccountCredentials.from_json_keyfile_name(
http = httplib2.Http()
url = GCS_UPLOAD_URL_PATTERN.format(bucket=bucket)
body = json.dumps({
'name': filename,
headers = {
'X-Upload-Content-Type': content_type,
'X-Upload-Content-Length': content_length,
'Content-Type': 'application/json; charset=UTF-8',
'Content-Length': len(body),
resp_headers, resp_body = http.request(url, method='POST', headers=headers, body=body)
return resp_headers['location']
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