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@bsodmike /routes.rb secret

match 'admin', :controller => 'admin'
namespace :admin do
# to be updated later...
devise_for :users
#devise_for :admins, :path => "admin" # this works but uses the default
# Devise::SessionController
devise_for :admins,
:controllers => {
:sessions => "admin/sessions",
:passwords => "admin/passwords",
:registrations => "admin/registrations" }, :path => "admin",
:skip => [:sessions, :passwords, :registrations] do
get 'admin/sign_in' => 'admin/sessions#new', :as => :new_admin_session
post 'admin/sign_in' => 'admin/sessions#create', :as => :admin_session
get 'admin/sign_out' => 'admin/sessions#destroy', :as => :destroy_admin_session
get 'admin/sign_up' => 'admin/registrations#new', :as => :new_admin_registration
get 'admin/account' => 'admin/registrations#edit', :as => :edit_admin_registration
post 'admin/account' => 'admin/registrations#create', :as => :admin_registration
get 'admin/cancel' => 'admin/registrations#cancel', :as => :cancel_admin_registration
put 'admin/account' => 'admin/registrations#update'
delete 'admin/account' => 'admin/registrations#destroy'
post 'admin/password' => 'admin/passwords#create', :as => :admin_password
get 'admin/password/new' => 'admin/passwords#new', :as => :new_admin_password
get 'admin/password/edit' => 'admin/passwords#edit', :as => :edit_admin_password
put 'admin/password' => 'admin/passwords#update'
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