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Created December 31, 2021 02:05
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What would you like to do?
  • Thread people are the greatest grift on the internet
  • They tweet some version of draw two circles, and then draw the owl, but in twitter threads, with line breaks like this, using dumb phrases while mixing it celebrities saying the same dumb phrases
  • It’s all a get rich quick scam, but for dissatisfied white collar millennials who have resumes better than their jobs
  • But they have hundreds of thousands of followers, so time for me to throw my hat into the ring
  • I’ve periodically had people ask me about my writing process for this substack.
  • To start off, I’m a bad person to ask. I have no idea what I’m doing. But, in doing this for the last six to nine months, I’ve at least developed a consistent process.
  • Here’s what that looks like for me.
  • Assume this starts with some idea. That idea could be a couple sentences.
  • Write the whole thing
  • Get it out quickly, like it’s an email
  • Rebuild the studs
  • Figure out the core threads
  • Give yourself a frame to work on
  • Rewrite the whole thing
  • Rewrite it around the frame
  • Use the ideas from the first brain dumb, but don’t copy and paste it
  • That was all bad
  • Write it till you like it
  • The jia tolentino bit, basically
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