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Created August 6, 2019 22:35
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
quicky script that compares two conda environments
can be handy for debugging differences between two environments
This could be made much cleaner and more flexible -- but it does the job.
Please let me know if you extend or improve it.
AUTHOR: Christopher H. Barker
LICENSE: Public domain -- do with it what you will
(But it would be nice to give me credit if it helps you)
UPDATE: Ben Taylor
I changed the print statements and had to add
a conversion from bytes to string for Python 3.
I just ran this in Python 3.7.3 and seemd to work well.
import sys
import subprocess
def get_env_list(env_name):
cmd = "conda list -n " + env_name
pkg_list = subprocess.check_output(cmd, shell=True)
pkg_list = pkg_list.decode('utf-8')
# process the package list
pkgs = {}
for line in pkg_list.split('\n'):
line = line.strip()
if not line or line[0] == '#':
parts = line.split()
pkg, version, build = parts[:3]
if build == '<pip>':
channel = "pip"
channel = "defaults" if len(parts) < 4 else parts[3]
pkgs[pkg] = (version, build, channel)
return pkgs
def compare_envs(env1, env2):
pkgs1 = set(env1)
pkgs2 = set(env2)
in_both = pkgs1 & pkgs2
in_one = (pkgs1 ^ pkgs2) & pkgs1
in_two = (pkgs1 ^ pkgs2) & pkgs2
diff_version = []
same_version = []
for pkg in in_both:
if env1[pkg] != env2[pkg]:
return in_one, in_two, diff_version, same_version
def print_report(env, pkgs):
for pkg in pkgs:
print("{:25}{:10}{:20}{:20}".format(pkg, *env[pkg]))
def print_diff_version(name1, env1, name2, env2, pkgs):
print("Packages in both, with differnt versions:")
#print " {:15}{:10}{:20}{:20}".format("
for pkg in pkgs:
print(pkg, ":")
print( " {:15}{:10}{:20}{:20}".format(name1, *env1[pkg]))
print( " {:15}{:10}{:20}{:20}".format(name2, *env2[pkg]))
if __name__ == "__main__":
env1 = sys.argv[1]
env2 = sys.argv[2]
except IndexError:
print ("you need to pass the name of two environments at the commmand line")
e1 = get_env_list(env1)
e2 = get_env_list(env2)
in_one, in_two, diff_version, same_version = compare_envs(e1, e2)
print("In only", env1)
print_report(e1, in_one)
print("\nIn only", env2)
print_report(e2, in_two)
print("\nIn both, same version:")
print_report(e1, same_version)
print_diff_version(env1, e1, env2, e2, diff_version)
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Thanks :)

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