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@btm1 /set-if
Created Oct 2, 2013

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set-if will conditionally show or hide elements in the DOM once and will not apply a $watch listener. An additional attribute (wait-for) can be applied to the element to wait for data to be populated before evaluating the if statement i.e. <div set-if="should.behere" wait-for="should"></div>
angular.module('setIf',[]).directive('setIf',function () {
return {
transclude: 'element',
priority: 1000,
terminal: true,
restrict: 'A',
compile: function (element, attr, linker) {
return function (scope, iterStartElement, attr) {
if(attr.waitFor) {
var wait = scope.$watch(attr.waitFor,function(nv,ov){
if(nv) {
} else {
function build() {
iterStartElement[0].doNotMove = true;
var expression = attr.setIf;
var value = scope.$eval(expression);
if (value) {
linker(scope, function (clone) {
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