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Created May 12, 2016
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Script to pull data from MemberPress using the WordPress Rest API
import json
if input['desc'] == 'MP Test':
membership = 14
elif input['desc'] == 'MP Example':
membership = 99
return {'status': 'Invalid button'}
# Get member_id
r = requests.get('' + input['email'])
members = json.loads(r.text)
member = members[0]
# Create new transaction (POST)
r ='', json={"member":member['id'],"membership":membership,"trans_num":input["trans_num"],"amount":input["amount"],"status":"complete","gateway":input["gateway"]})
# r.raise_for_status()
transaction = json.loads(r.text)
return {'member':member,'membership':membership,'transaction':transaction}
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